Bikini season is never complete without flaunting our gorgeous, hairless bodies in a teeny, weeny (polka dot) bikini or any swimwear of preference even as we bask in the warm summer sun or frolic at the beach.

Effortless beauty, huh? Not! It takes months to get at that bikini bod state and a supplementary day or two to have us ready and hair free in all the best places.

In this blog, we’ll focus on which some people consider as a “taboo” part of hair removal – your “buShh” (see, even its name shows that you keep it down-low).

With all these amazing hair removal solutions, which is the greatest bikini hair removal method and product that will suit this kind of sensitive part of our body?

Over the years, shaving and waxing are virtually popular among women – shaving being quick and pain-free and waxing because of its long-lasting results.

But to be honest, both methods aren’t all beer and skittles (or beer and Doritos!).

Thinking back of my experience in bikini hair removal, I’ve had some really funny ones and some bloody scary ones (like, literally) – Definitely Reddit material I’d say!

So, before y’all make a mistake and contribute to Reddit, I wish to educate you on the best pubic hair removal products!

Not a fan of razors and wax and want to know how to get rid of bikini line hair without waxing or shaving? We also have other options

Trimming and shaving may appear the same in the beginning glance. In the end, both pertain to cutting hair with the utilization of a sharp object, such as a razor or perhaps a trimmer (a kind of razor with teeth or serrations).

The key difference though between the 2 is how far you slice the hair.

With shaving, you’re normally left with uber smooth skin (at least a few minutes after shaving!) the reason being you shave as close as you possibly can to the skin.

Trimming, on one other hand, cuts hair the same as shaving, but because of the serrations or comb attachments of the trimmer, it doesn’t cut hair as near to the skin as shaving does, therefore you’d still believe that there’s hair but they’re clipped to a manageable or cleaner length.

Because of this, trimming may offer advantages and disadvantages over shaving, which we’ll look at later.

Methods for Selecting a Good Trimmer for the Bikini Area
The way how to utilize an electric razor for bikini area depends upon the sort you’re likely to chose – wet or dry trimmer. (meaning, if it could go in the shower or not)

If a wet trimmer, then I would advise taking a shower, exfoliating and then trimming it, once the pores are open.

If dry, then I would advise doing the same as above and then, once exiting the shower, using the trimmer.

Electric Razors or Electric Shavers
They’re the ideal choice for anyone who desires a sustainable razor they are able to use outside the shower. They do make wet/dry shavers if you prefer to use in the shower.

This type of razor is generally bulkier than manual razors and can pose difficult shaving the finely detailed bikini area.

I think, if doing the bikini area, a wet shaver will make the best hair trimmer for the bikini area.

As for legs, it can do its job, but remember despite having the best bikini electric razor, you’ll never get as smooth a cut just like a guide razor.

However, some women perfect the electric style since you can’t cut yourself easily by having an electric razor.

Battery Operated Units
They’re usually less costly and they are able to go anywhere, for last second touch-ups. They could be tossed in an over night bag or makeup bag, making them convenient.

You do need to take into account the fact that you will have to buy and replace batteries, and these trimmers usually cannot go in the shower.

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