Listed below are a number of the precautions you can try minimize the risk.

Be suspicious of anyone loitering outside particularly when they appear determined to avoid other patrons or people in the vicinity.
Maintain minimum check out limits by skimming the bucks and depositing in a secure drop safe. This procedure must be publicised.
Never leave the bucks drawer unattended and lock it when away.
Leave the bucks drawer open by the end of the afternoon to show it’s empty.
Be aware of what’s going on outside as well as inside the franchise premises.
If your organization operates at night.
All outside lights must be turned on at dusk. It’s a good idea to have the lights switched on automatically and the manager should check them at the very least daily.
Adequate lighting both inside and outside is really a must. If you will find any spots which can be in shadows take immediate steps to light them.
Eliminate possible hiding places outside. Take special notice of vehicles which were parked for an unusual length of time in proximity to the franchise premises.
At the close of business all the franchise’s employees should leave the store together, like the manager.
You are most susceptible to a robbery when you take your deposit to the bank.
You must make daily deposits but most of all don’t have a specific routine day after day – vary your travel routes and times.
Don’t make deposits after dark and on weekends if your banks night-safe is in a deserted area. Work with a start a security company Pick-up Service instead.
When delivering the bank wallet to the bank or night safe, make it in a plain bag and don’t display it.
In the event that you go alone you’re a simple target, so don’t do it.
If the deposits are for a large amount utilizing a Security Company Pick-up Service is essential.
Once a robbery is in progress you must understand that not just could your own life be at risk but those of innocent bystanders as well, so don’t act as a hero.
Security Professionals can tell you to follow along with these guidelines.

If anyone is armed assume they’ll utilize the weapon.
Be cooperative, do what is requested.
Don’t argue with the robber.
Don’t make any quick movements be deliberate in whatever you do.
Remain calm.
Produce a mental note of; height, weight, type of speech accent or impediment, complexion, color of eyes, length and color of hair, any distinguishing marks, clothing, footwear, right or left handed, any jewellery.
Take note of any accomplices.
Once the thief departs make an email of:
The direction of escape.
If the thief used a vehicle or motorcycle in the getaway try and note the make, model, color or license number or any other descriptive markings.
The amount and description of any accomplices.
While looking forward to the authorities to arrive write down everything you can remember whilst it is fresh in your memory. Have any witnesses do the same.
Since 9/11 a lot of things have changed and we are now confronted with the true possibility that the Terrorist Act could possibly be perpetuated against anyone of us or our business. You could say, “This will never happen to me” or “What’s terrorism got regarding me”? And you may be right, but you’ll need to keep yourself updated of the possibility, like the responsibility of Companies and Management.You could now be susceptible to huge liability claims thanks to little-known government guidelines.

Guidelines for franchise businesses:*

Anticipate worst-case scenarios and setup response plans.
Find weak links in your franchise security and take steps to overcome them.
Setup response teams to coordinate recovery operations.
Develop and regularly test warning and communications systems.
Train all franchise staff in response procedures.
*This data is extracted from the National Fire Protection Ass. Homeland Security Department.
We suggest you go to the Homeland Security Department’s website where you will see many suggestions on the best way to protect your business.

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