Genital Warts – What Do Genital Warts Look Like

Some individuals are unaware that they have genital warts because they don’t know what it seems like. So, what do genital warts look like? If you know their appearance, it would have been a lot easier to inform if you’re infected.

Genital warts are generally white or pinkish small bumps found in the genital area. These warts resemble the ones that are found on both hands and fingers. Some are very tiny as you are able to hardly see them until they start to can be found in clusters.

There are even some cases when doctors can’t identify the genital warts at first glance and so they mistake it for pinched skin, abrasions, and normal bumps. To effectively identify genital warts, doctors use acetic acid on the affected area; when something turns white, this means that the individual has genital warts. Another method in identifying genital warts is using the colposcope. The lens of the gadget acts like that of a telescope and by deploying it the physician can clearly see what’s on the genital area. If you feel some small bumps in your genitals, you’ll need to see a physician immediately.

Genital warts are caused primarily by a disease called HPV. Wart outbreaks don’t normally occur even among virus-infected individuals. Some warts don’t look like warts at all and so it could be hard to inform when you have them. Penile warts surgery come in various sizes so you’ll need to give immediate medical attention should you feel anything uncommon in your genital area.

Men and women might have genital warts. In men, the warts can appear on the anus, urethra, scrotum, and penis. Warts found close to the anus are rough fingerlike projections while those on the penis appear smooth. Their shape can be likened to a cauliflower and has pearly color. Since the genital area is covered with pubic hair, genital warts are oftentimes hard to see.

In women, genital warts are found across the vagina where there’s plenty of moisture. When you have genital warts across the vagina, you must view a qualified doctor at the same time because there is a top chance that you might have the warts in the ano-rectal and cervix area as well. Women tend to be more prone to develop cervical cancer especially when the warts reach the cervix. Once you find out when you have genital warts, schedule an appointment with the physician at once.

It’s a very important thing if guess what happens the genital warts look like because it is simple to identify when you have them. By examining your genital area, you are able to tell when you have acquired the virus. It doesn’t really matter if your individual examination turns out incorrect; what’s important is that you may get early medical checkup and get proper diagnosis.

Even when genital warts are quite embarrassing, you’ll need to seek medical help at the same time because you may be putting yourself at an increased risk, especially among women. Even men should seek medical help if they have it. There are many treatment methods for removing genital warts. Once the physician diagnoses your true condition, you will have a way to choose the best treatment alternative.

What do genital warts look like? Well, you already know just; so what have you been awaiting? Examine your genitals to see when you have them. If you suspect that you have genital warts, visit your doctor right away. Don’t be ashamed about it because without proper medical advice, you may find it hard to to deal with them.